Scales and Arpeggios: Exercises with Downloadable MP3s

Chord scale progression is an essential aspect of beginning piano instruction, and students can develop the foundation for solid technique by rehearsing scales and arpeggios. With study and practice, musicians will achieve stronger fingers, better familiarity with the keyboard, and an improved sense of pitch and tonality. Daily exercises will help cultivate skills that will enhance every aspect of piano playing.

This volume focuses on scales and arpeggios in all major and minor keys, arranged in one- and two-octave studies. Warm-ups provide a chance to get acquainted with the notes of each key. Special scales appear at the end of the major and minor cycles: chromatic, pentatonic, whole tone, blues, and modes. These introductions to other styles complement the learning of the main scales. Fingerings are provided. In addition, the book is accompanied by MP3 recordings that will help reinforce the exercises.

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