A First Book of Haydn: For the Beginning Pianist with Downloadable MP3s

A mentor to Mozart and teacher of Beethoven, Joseph Haydn is known as the "Father of the Symphony"—and now even beginning pianists can master many of his most memorable works. This collection focuses on the composer's melodies and style to provide a satisfying and accessible introduction to the Austrian composer's oeuvre. Presented in gradually increasing order of difficulty, the pieces feature simplified keys and suggested fingerings.

Selections include the opening of Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony No. 94, famous for its musical joke of a sudden fortissimo chord, as well as the openings for Symphony No. 44 ("Trauer"), Symphony No. 49 ("La passione"), and Symphony No. 104 ("London"), in addition to the second movements of Symphony No. 59 ("Fire"), Symphony No. 100 "Militaire," and Symphony No. 101 ("Clock"). Other pieces include the Benedictus and Kyrie from Mass in Time of War, The Lark, The Master and the Scholar, and a variety of sonatas, allegros, and other pieces. All thirty-five selections are available as downloadable MP3s.

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