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Poems by Presidents: The First-Ever Anthology

Poems by Presidents: The First-Ever Anthology
Poems by Presidents: The First-Ever Anthology
Edited by Michael Croland
Dover Publications, 2023
This webpage contains bonus materials for six presidents: John Quincy Adams, John Tyler, Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Wilson Reagan, and Barack Obama. One poem by Adams appears below. Links provide access to two complete poetry books, a musical score featuring the text of a poem, video and audio clips of poems' recitations, and nine additional poems.

John Quincy Adams

O God, with Goodness All Thy Own

O God, with goodness all thy own,
In mercy cause thy face to shine;
So shall thy ways on earth be known,
Thy saving health and power divine:
O, let the gladdening nations sing,
And praise thy name with hallowed mirth,
For thou of righteousness art King,
And rulest all the subject earth.

O, let the people praise the Lord;
The people all thy praise express;
And earth her plenty shall afford,
And God, yea, our own God, shall bless;
Our God his blessing shall bestow;
His power, his goodness, shall appear;
And all the ends of earth shall know
And worship him with holy fear.

  • Click here to read Adams's epic poem, Dermot Mac Morrogh, or The Conquest of Ireland.
  • Click here to read a collection of Adams's poems, Poems of Religion and Society.

John Tyler

Poems by Presidents: The First-Ever Anthology
Click the thumbnail image to view the musical score of Tyler's "Virginia," arranged by his daughter Letitia Tyler Semple.

Abraham Lincoln


Jimmy Carter

  • Click here to watch Carter recite "Considering the Void."
  • Click here to hear Carter recite "Rachel."
  • Click here to hear Carter recite "The Pasture Gate."
  • Click here to read "Rosalynn."
  • Click here to read "Some Things I Love."
  • Click here to read "A Reflection of Beauty in Washington."
  • Click here to read "Progress Does Not Always Come Easy."
  • Click here to read "Itinerant Songsters Visit Our Village."

Ronald Wilson Reagan

  • Click here to read "State Budget." To view the poem with the proper line breaks, New York Times subscribers can click on the image of the newspaper and scroll to page B4.

Barack Obama

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