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A First Book of Chopin: For The Beginning Pianist with Downloadable MP3s
by Bergerac

ISBN: 0486424278
Dover Publications Price: $7.95
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Beginning pianists and their teachers will love this compilation of immortal music by Frédéric Chopin. Fun-to-play, pedagogically sound arrangements include the theme from the "Raindrop" Prelude, "Minute" Waltz, the charming Lullaby, and melodic highlights from the most familiar preludes, mazurkas, waltzes, impromptus, and etudes.
Each piece is accompanied by informal notes that share insights into Chopin's life and the unique features of his music. From the lyrical Fantaisie-impromptu and "Butterfly" Etude to the brilliant strains of the "Military" Polonaise and "Heroic" Polonaise, these arrangements of 23 of the composer's best-loved pieces will prove welcome additions to any beginning pianist's repertoire. Plus, bonus MP3 downloads are included for each song to make practicing even easier!
Dover Original.

Table of Contents for A First Book of Chopin: For The Beginning Pianist with Downloadable MP3s
An Elegant Chopin Melody (in French Ballroom Style) "[Prelude, Op. 28 no.7]"
A Plaintive Chopin Melody (in Polish Mazurka Style) "[Mazurka, Op. 67 no. 2]"
Lullaby "[Berceuse, Op.57]"
Mazurka "[Mazurkz, Op. 67 no. 2 (revisited)]"
Mazurka in F "[Mazurka, Op. 6 no.3]"
Etude No. 3 "[Etude, Op. 10 no.3]"
Prelude No. 7 "[Prelude, Op. 28 no.7 (revisited)]"
An Early Nocturne "[Nocturne, Op. 9 no.2]"
A Late Nocturne "[Nocturne, Op. 55 no.1]"
First Ballade "[Ballade No 1, Op. 23]"
Ballade in F "[Ballade No 2, Op. 38]"
Funeral March "["Marche funèbre" from Sonata No. 2, Op. 35]"
Mazurka in C "[Mazurka, Op. 33 no.3]"
Grand Waltz in A Minor "[Grande Valse Brillante, Op. 34 no.2]"
"Farwell" Waltz" "[Waltz, Op. 69 no.1 "L'adieu"]"
"Minute" Waltz" "[Waltz, Op. 64 no.1 ]"
"Organ" Prelude" "[Prelude, Op. 28 no. 20]"
"Raindrop" Prelude" "[Prelude, Op. 28 no. 15]"
Fantaise-impromptu "[Fantaisie-impomtu, Op. 66]"
"Butterfly" Etude" "[Etude, Op. 25 no.9]"
"Military" Polonaise" "[Polonaise, Op. 40 no.1]"
"Heroic" Polonaise" "[Polonaise, Op. 53]"
Scottish Dance 48 "[The first of Trois Ècossaises, Op. 72 no.3]"