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Dover Ixia Press

Ixia Press Ixia Press
Dover's acclaimed imprint presents inspiring books on leadership, business, spirituality, and wellness that foster a spirit of personal and professional growth and exploration. Ixia combines completely original works with seminal classics in fresh packages, all written by some of the most respected authors in their fields.
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14th century classic of medieval mysticism that continues to influence modern Christian thought.
P.T. Barnum's guide to prosperity offering practical advice for personal success.
A fresh, modern look at ancient Chinese arts by one of the world's leading yoga practitioners.
Witty and wise advice for getting the most out of life by caring for ourselves as well as others and the wider world.
New! New! New! New!
1952 classic with the message that one can change reality through the power of imagination.
A complete guide to planning a pilgrimage either physically or metaphorically as a transformational psychological process.
Guided tour of a city that has sparked the imagination of countless writers by the founder of the creative coaching profession.
Ancient Chinese divination manual that has profoundly influenced countless spiritual seekers and the worlds of business, psychoanalysis, literature, and art.
2018 Nautilus Award Winner!
A Columbia Business School coach leads readers to find their purpose and lose their fear.
Daily journal filled with new ideas, creative prompts, and words of wisdom from the popular English celebrity & Twitter star.
Discover how to transform your life from the inside out with the profound benefits of a calm and stress-free mind.
Learn how the power of the subconscious can lead to enhanced income, happier relationships, and piece of mind.
Fascinating insights into how and why our brains and bodies react as they do to our habits.
"The Millennial Love Expert" offers relatable advice and therapeutic tools that help heart-broken singles heal and set the groundwork for the love they seek.
2018 Nautilus Award Winner!
Powerful wisdom on how to create a home that serves your soul from the renowned Urban Shaman Mama Donna.
An expert advisor traces real estate investment from beginning to end, helping readers define their financial and personal goals.
Coming Soon
December 2019
A complete manual for the study and practice of the philosophical system of Yoga and living a meaningful, purposeful life.
December 2019
How to balance mental, physical, social and religious needs to achieve a fulfilling, successful life.
January 2020
Insights into how crystals can be used to target particular issues, from physical health to financial well being.
February 2020
The founder of creativity coaching shows artists, writers and performers how to unleash their full potential.
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