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The Dover Math and Science Newsletter
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May 16, 2011
Welcome | New Releases in Math and Science | Einstein and Relativity | Featured Author: Martin Gardner | Author Interview: Ulf Leonhardt
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New Releases in Mathematics
Statistical Inference: A Concise Course
Robert B. Ash
Dover's first title by Robert Ash, Prof. Emeritus, University of Illinois, was our 1990 reprint of his Information Theory, still going strong after twenty years, and since followed by five additional titles at the recent rate of about one a year: These include Basic Abstract Algebra:For Graduate Students and Advanced Undergraduates (2006), Complex Variables (2007), Basic Probability Theory (2008), Real Variables With Basic Metric Space Topology (2009) and A Course in Algebraic Number Theory (2010). This new Dover publication is the first publication in book form of Statistical Inference. It offers a concise course in statistical inference that requires only a basic familiarity with probability and matrix and linear algebra. Ninety problems with solutions make it an ideal choice for self-study as well as a helpful review of a wide-ranging topic with important uses to professionals in business, government, public administration, and other fields. Learn more »
An Introduction to the Theory of Linear Spaces
Georgi E. Shilov
This prominent 20th century Russian mathematician's previous Dover books are Linear Algebra (1977), Elementary Real and Complex Analysis and Elementary Functional Analysis, both first published by Dover 1996. Soviet mathematician Georgi E. Shilov (1917-75) was a longtime Professor of Mathematics at Moscow State University. This introduction to linear algebra and functional analysis offers a clear expository treatment, viewing algebra, geometry, and analysis as parts of an integrated whole rather than separate subjects. All abstract ideas receive a high degree of motivation, and numerous examples illustrate many different fields of mathematics. Abundant problems include hints or answers. Learn more »
A First Look at Numerical Functional Analysis
W. W. Sawyer
Previous Dover books by W.W. Sawyer, an extraordinary expositor of mathematics for both general readers and more advanced students, are his classics, Mathematician's Delight (2007) and Prelude to Mathematics (2011). Mathematician's Delight was Walter Warwick Sawyer's first book, originally published in 1943, and followed by ten more over several decades. The math world lost this wonderfully talented writer in 2008 at the age of 97. He wrote in Mathematician's Delight: "Many people regard mathematicians as a race apart, possessed of almost supernatural powers. While this is very flattering for successful mathematicians, it is very bad for those who, for one reason or another, are attempting to learn the subject." Internationally renowned for his innovative teaching methods, the late W. W. Sawyer was a Professor of Mathematics and Education at the University of Toronto. This text starts with problems in numerical analysis, showing how they lead naturally to the basic concepts of functional analysis. Topics include Banach and Hilbert spaces, contraction mappings, convergence, differentiation and integration, and Euclidean space. Learn more »
Introduction to Proof in Abstract Mathematics
Andrew Wohlgemuth
Andrew Wohlgemuth is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maine. The primary purpose of this undergraduate text is to teach students to do mathematical proofs. It enables readers to recognize the elements that constitute an acceptable proof, and it develops their ability to do proofs of routine problems as well as those requiring creative insights. Includes answers to practice exercises. Learn more »
An Introduction to Orthogonal Polynomials
Theodore S Chihara
Thedore S. Chihara received his PhD from Purdue University and co-founded the Mathematics Department at Seattle University. He is well known as a researcher in the area of orthogonal polynomials. This concise introduction to the general elementary theory of orthogonal polynomials assumes only a first undergraduate course in real analysis. Topics include the representation theorem and distribution functions, continued fractions and chain sequences, the recurrence formula and properties of orthogonal polynomials, special functions, and some specific systems of orthogonal polynomials. Learn more »
Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
Paul DuChateau
The author's previous Dover book (written with David Zachmann), Applied Partial Differential Equations (2002) is a widely used text on the subject. Thanks from us to the Amazon reader who posted that anyone thinking of writing an Applied PDE textbook can save him or herself the trouble--an outstanding one is already here. Professor of Mathematics at Colorado State University for 30 years, Paul C. DuChateau is the author of two other books on advanced calculus and applied complex variables. This book can be used as either a primary text or a supplemental reference for courses in applied mathematics. Its core chapters are devoted to linear algebra, calculus, and ordinary differential equations. Additional topics include partial differential equations and approximation methods. Each chapter features a selection of solved problems. Learn more »
The Laplace Transform
David V. Widder
This new title joins two previous Dover books by David Vernon Widder, Advanced Calculus, originally reprinted by Dover in 1989 and The Convolution Transform (with I.I. Hirschman), 2005. A co-founder of the Duke Mathematical Journal, David Vernon Widder earned his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1924 under George Birkhoff and subsequently joined the Harvard faculty. This volume focuses on the Laplace and Stieltjes transforms, offering a highly theoretical treatment. Topics include fundamental formulas, the moment problem, monotonic functions, and Tauberian theorems. "Extremely satisfactory . . . it will have a most valuable effect both on research and graduate study." - Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. Learn more »
Geometry from Euclid to Knots
Saul Stahl
A new edition of an outstanding undergraduate text. A former systems programmer for IBM, Saul Stahl is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas. He has written several texts on geometry, game theory, and modern algebra. Tracing the formal development of Euclidean geometry, this text closely follows Euclid's Elements. In addition to providing a historical perspective on plane geometry, it covers related topics, including non-neutral Euclidean geometry, circles and regular polygons, projective geometry, symmetries, inversions, knots and links, and informal topology. Includes 1,000 practice problems. Learn more »
New Releases in Physics
Relativistic Quantum Fields
Charles Nash
Charles Nash is Professor of Mathematical Physics at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. This graduate-level text contains statistical and quantitative techniques for performing calculations in quantum field theory. Topics include renormalization, functional differentiation and integration, and the Schwinger-Dyson equations; dimensional regularization; the gauge and infrared properties of quantum electrodynamics; and asymptotic behavior and renormalization group methods. Learn more »
Topology and Geometry for Physicists
Charles Nash, Siddhartha Sen
From Charles Nash's web site: "It is a feature of the past twenty five years of research in quantum field theory that the way forward in many problems is considerably illuminated if, in addition to analysis, one uses topology". Co-author Siddhartha Sen is Professor Emeritus in Applied Mathematics at the University College of Dublin. Written by physicists for physics students, this text introduces geometrical and topological methods in theoretical physics and applied mathematics. It assumes no detailed background in topology or geometry, and it emphasizes physical motivations. Topics include differential forms, homotopy, homology, cohomology, fiber bundles, connection and covariant derivatives, and Morse theory. Learn more »
Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals: Emended Edition
Richard P. Feynman, Albert R. Hibbs, Daniel F. Styer
A new edition of one of the classic books in the literature of physics over the past half century. Richard Feynman (1918-88) received the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics. One of the best-known scientists of his generation, Feynman assisted in the development of the atomic bomb and was a prominent member of the panel that investigated the 1986 Challenger disaster. Known worldwide as the voice of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Albert R. Hibbs (1924-2003) studied for his doctorate under Feynman's tutelage and transcribed and edited Feynman's lectures in quantum electrodynamics. Daniel F. Styer holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and is the John and Marianne Schiffer Professor of Physics at Oberlin College. Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals presents unique insights into this method and its applications, beginning with an intuitive view of fundamental quantum mechanics, and gradually introducing path integrals. Later chapters explore more advanced topics, including the perturbation method, quantum electrodynamics, and statistical mechanics. Learn more »
Mathematical Tools for Physics
James Nearing
James Nearing is Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics and Assistant Chair of his department at the University of Miami. Encouraging students' development of intuition, this original work begins with a review of basic mathematics and advances to infinite series, complex algebra, differential equations, and Fourier series. Succeeding chapters explore multivariable and vector calculus, partial differential equations, numerical and complex analysis, tensors, complex analysis, and more. Learn more »
New Releases in Engineering and Astronomy
A Heat Transfer Textbook: Fourth Edition
John H Lienhard, V, John H Lienhard, IV
This classic text for engineering students and engineers in the field of heat transfer has been tested through several editions over more than 30 years. John H. Lienhard IV is internationally known for his work in heat transfer and thermal science, which spans more than 40 years of research and teaching. He is a Professor at the University of Houston. A specialist in the fields of heat transfer and fluid mechanics, John H. Lienhard V is a Professor at MIT, where he is the Associate Head for Education and Director of the Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy. Worked examples and end-of-chapter exercises appear throughout the book, along with well-drawn, illuminating figures. Learn more »
An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Finite Elements
J. T. Oden, J. N. Reddy
J. T. Oden is Director of the Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin and author of Dover's Finite Elements of Nonlinear Continua (2006). J. N. Reddy is Professor of Engineering at Texas A&M University. This introduction to the basic mathematical theory of the finite element method is geared toward readers with limited mathematical backgrounds. Its coherent demonstrations explain the use of these techniques in developing the theory of finite elements, with detailed proofs of the major theorems and numerous examples. Learn more »
Apollo Expeditions to the Moon: The NASA History
Edgar M. Cortright
"One small step..." A reprint of the NASA publication which marked the 40th anniversary of the 1968 lunar landing. Former Director at NASA's Langley Research Center, Edgar M. Cortright was cited by the National Academy of Engineering for his innovative leadership in aerospace research and development. Presented in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing, this new edition of an official NASA publication presents the thrilling inside story of the Apollo program. Written in direct, jargon-free language and featuring numerous illustrations, this compelling adventure features essays by engineers, administrators, and astronauts that recall the challenges associated with putting men on the moon. Learn more »
Beyond the Atmosphere: Early Years of Space Science
Homer E. Newell, Jr.
The major pioneering work in the field of space science. Homer E. Newell (1915-83) was instrumental in the founding of NASA and worked for the agency from its inception until 1973. Ranging from the laboratory to launching pad and from international conference halls to lunar wastelands, Newell chronicles technological advances, explores the relationship of space science to general science, and places the space program in social, political, and economic contexts. Learn more »
For General Readers
Fearful Symmetry: Is God a Geometer?
Ian Stewart, Martin Golubitsky
This outstanding reprint gives us four books in print by Ian Stewart, joining his widely read Concepts of Modern Mathematics and two collections of mathematical entertainments, Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into... and Game Set and Math: Enigmas and Conundrums. Ian Stewart, an award-winning author of many books on mathematics, is Professor of Mathematics at England's University of Warwick and a former columnist for Scientific American's "Mathematical Games" column. Martin Golubitsky is Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Ohio State University, where he serves as Director of the mathematical Biosciences Institute. Learn more »
Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws: Minutes from an Infinite Paradise
Manfred Schroeder
Mathematics Magazine said: "Such a richness of topics and amazing splendor of illustrations." A visual and intellectual feast, this book will intrigue any general reader interested in where the concepts of modern physics are now and might be headed. A pioneer in the artistic potential of computer graphics, Manfred Schroeder was a world-renowned expert in acoustics. He served as a distinguished member of the research staff of AT & T Bell Laboratories for 33 years and was Professor Emeritus at the University of Göttingen, Germany. This fascinating book explores the connections between chaos theory, physics, biology, and mathematics. Its award-winning computer graphics, optical illusions, and games illustrate the concept of self-similarity, a typical property of fractals. Learn more »
Welcome | New Releases in Math and Science | Einstein and Relativity | Featured Author: Martin Gardner | Author Interview: Ulf Leonhardt
Puzzle Corner: Raymond Smullyan | The Back In Print Program| | Save 20% on Dover Math and Science Books | Contact Us